Flotation is one of the most common unit processes to be found in the mining industry and despite this there has been little in the
way of innovation over the last 70 years. UPC brings to this industry flotation machines incorporating our latest developments in rotor design. The benefits such as improved recoveries, reduction in power and wear are now available to existing concentrators with our
simple retrofit design.

During the past years we have investigated the design of current forced air flotation machines and from this research combined with the application
of fluid Dynamics we have developed a superior flotation rotor.

Our F1 rotor offers improved pulp circulation, better solids suspension and increased air dispersion.

The laboratory tests indicated a much faster float when compared to an established rotor design.

The plant trial, meanwhile, has improved the recoveries by 3%.

These performance features could translate into the following benefits;

•  Improved cell volume utilisation
•  No sanding of cells
•  Better fines recovery
•  Lower power consumption (up to 50% less)
•  Longer life of both rotor and stator
•  Less expensive wear parts
•  Smaller footprint (fewer cells required)
•  Lower reagent consumption
•  Lower capital investment

Our rotor can be retrofitted to any current forced air flotation cell so that anyone can benefit from the application of our technology.
There is no capital cost in converting as it is a simple matter of bolting the rotor in place of the existing rotor.

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